Angel caves was built in the 1960s and is split on five levels. It is home to a vineyard, several orchards, four cave rooms (so far), three beautiful terraces and a small farmhouse. There are several old outhouses built on the land and in the future we hope to renovate all of them and repurpose them to make them usable spaces. The house is situated on the outskirts of Las Lagunetas, a village in the San Mateo region of Gran Canaria, however Angel Caves has very few direct neighbours and as a result is always peaceful and tranquil. Less than an hour’s drive from the capital Las Palmas, and just over an hour to the always sunny south of the island, it is easy to feel connected to others if the calmness and solitude gets too much! Angel Caves used to grow and produce its own wine, a tradition we hope to be able to continue when we are more settled. Originally the caves were used to store the wine and the barrels, although now we are converting them into part of our family home.