Men’s Mountain Day Retreat

Invitation to the Men’s Mountain Retreat

Dear Friends,

Discover the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure at our Canarian Mountains Men’s Retreat. Immerse yourself in the practice of breathwork, learning techniques to enhance your well-being and mindfulness. Experience the invigorating benefits of ice baths, rejuvenating your body and mind. Unleash your inner warrior with thrilling axe-throwing sessions, honing your focus and precision and looking towards the year ahead. Nestled in our eco-friendly accommodations, our retreat offers a unique escape where you can reconnect with nature and yourself. Join us for a transformative experience that combines breathwork, physical rejuvenation, and thrilling outdoor activities in the stunning backdrop of the Canarian peaks.

Spaces are limited, so secure your interest today. We look forward to welcoming you to an experience that will stay with you long after you leave.

Warm regards,

Miguel Angel and Jesus Chill

Organizers, Men’s Mountain Retreat

Mens Mountain Retreat

Mens Mountain Retreat

Mens Mountain Retreat - Schedule

Mens Mountain Retreat - Schedule


Women’s Mountain Day Retreat

 Thanks for such a great response, this retreat is now sold out, but we’ll definitely be back with another one soon as we had lots of women who couldn’t make this date but are keen to come along in the future!

Calling all women of Gran Canaria who may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, tired, frazzled, struggling at times to hear themselves think… or just in need of a day of disconnection from your phones surrounded by nature in the mountains!

I’m excited to share the details of my Women’s Mountain Retreat. Join us for the day, or treat yourself to an overnight stay, and we’ll gently guide you through a day of reconnecting with your innermost desires, harnessing the power of springtime to do a little bit of ‘spring cleaning’ and focusing on our goals for the rest of 2024 with the special kind of clarity that only comes from an immersive day in nature!

We hope to see you there!! To reserve your place you can book here or message me for more info: SOLD OUT!!!